The best value unlimited plan, now on Digi Prepaid

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Digi Prepaid NEXT goes Unlimited!

Enjoy 30 days Unlimited Internet, Unlimited Calls to all networks in Malaysia along with 10GB Extra Hotspot (exclusive for auto-renewal), at only RM40/month. One-time and auto-renewal options available.  

Seamless internet surfing, video streaming & online gaming experience anywhere, anytime with Digi Prepaid NEXT Unlimited 40. Sign up now!  

How to purchase:  

1. Digi Store Online  

Step 1: Visit Digi Prepaid NEXT page and select “Buy Now”

Step 2: Select “Get New SIM” or “Switch to Digi”

Step 3: Fill in your personal details including NRIC and Mobile Number to proceed

Step 4: Select Active Monthly Internet Plan NEXT Unlimited 40 (one-time or auto-renewal)

Step 5: Fill in your Billing and Shipping details  

Step 6: Click “Proceed” to complete the purchase transaction  

2. MyDigi App  

Step 1: Go to MyDigi App and key in your details to login  

Step 2: Click “Buy Add-Ons”

Step 3: Select “NEXT Unlimited 40 (One-time)” or “NEXT Unlimited 40 (Auto-renew)

Step 4: Click “Confirm” to complete purchase

Step 5: You will receive a SMS upon successful transaction  

3. Change Your Existing Plan to Prepaid NEXT

Step 1: Dial *128#. Select My Account and Account Info/Call Plan

Note: If you are on Prepaid NEXT, select NEXT Unlimited 40 under Truly High-Speed Internet plans

Step 2: Select Change Plan & choose Digi Prepaid NEXT

Step 3: You will receive a SMS confirmation upon successful transaction

Step 4: You can now purchase the NEXT Unlimited 40 plan on MyDigi App or Digi Store Online

Alternatively, you can walk into the nearest Digi Stores, Digi Store Express or Digi Dealers to purchase.

Who is Eligible?

Open to all new and existing Digi Prepaid NEXT customers.

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Winners will be announced on 10 April 2022

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