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Loyalty Bonus for Prepaid Users

Stay with Digi and get up to 6GB FREE Bonus Internet every month
Digi Prepaid Loyalty Bonus

Get Loyalty Bonus with Digi Prepaid

FREE Bonus Internet to thank our most loyal customers

Renew your Prepaid plans when it expires to get up to 6GB Loyalty Bonus Internet. The longer you stay with Digi, the more FREE Internet you get. Repaying your loyalty with valuable savings!

Only applicable for selected Digi Prepaid plans:
NEXT, Pakej Data Khas Belia, Raja Kombo, RDY

Stay with Digi, Get FREE Internet!

Up to 6GB Internet every month, FREE! The longer you stay, the more you get

Digi Prepaid Free Internet Renew

Customer Tenure

How long you've stayed on the Digi Prepaid plan
1 month
2 months
3-6 months
7-12 months
13-23 months
24 months and above
Bonus Internet
Internet Validity
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days

How to Redeem Your Loyalty Bonus?

First, renew your existing Prepaid Plan with Digi.
You will receive an SMS to redeem your FREE Internet upon successful plan renewal.
Dial UMB *888*1# and select 'Tenure Bonus'. Click 'Send'.
You can now enjoy extra FREE Internet with the Loyalty Bonus!

Stay with Digi

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